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Distance from one side of a body (circle or sphere) to the other side, measured by a straight line passing through the centre of the body.
NEC NP04ZL Zoom Lens Zwart (NP04ZL)

NEC NP04ZL Zoom Lens, 3.0-4.8: 1, Zwart, 890 g

Sony VCL-R2037S (VCLR2037S)

Sony VCL-R2037S, Zilver, 120 g, 2x

Sony Lense VCL-HG2025 Zilver (VCL-HG2025)

Sony Lense VCL-HG2025, Zilver, 2x

Sony VCL-DH1774 (VCL-DH1774)

Sony VCL-DH1774, 7,4 cm, Zwart, 8,9 cm, 7,5 cm, 270 g, 1,7x

Sony VCL-HG0737C cameralens (VCL-HG0737C)

Sony VCL-HG0737C, 3/3, Zwart, 3,7 cm, 0,7x

Sony VCL-HG0758 (VCL-HG0758)

Sony VCL-HG0758, Zwart, 418 g, 0,7x

Sony VCL-HG0725 (VCL-HG0725)

Sony VCL-HG0725, Zilver, 0,7x

Sony Lense VCL-M3358 (VCL-M3358)

Sony Lense VCL-M3358, Aluminium, 70 g

Sony VCL-0625S (VCL0625S)

Sony VCL-0625S, Zilver, 45 g


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Hyperion HP-FPLENS21IR Zwart cameralens (HP-FPLENS21IR)

Hyperion HP-FPLENS21IR, 1,2 cm, Zwart, 1,4 cm, 1,52 cm, 6 g

LevelOne 5-50mm Vari-focal Day/Night Lens (CAS-1101)

LevelOne CAS-1101 5-50mm Vari-focal Day/Night Lens

LevelOne 2.1mm Mono-focal Lens (CAS-1001)

LevelOne CAS-1001 2.1mm Mono-focal Lens

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